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Chlorine dioxide disinfectant tablets
Author: YiJiajie Updated time: 2016-02-29


Packing: (1 g x100 tablets x80 bottles/box)

Wei Xiao: (2012) No. 0052

Jin Wei Xiaozi: (2006) No. 0015

Executive standard: Q/SYX003-2010

Main active ingredients and content: chlorine dioxide, effective chlorine content 7.5-9.1%

Scope of use: This product is mainly used in train, hospital, school, restaurant, hotel, room floor, food factory, beverage factory, swimming pool, drinking water, breeding area, object surface disinfection and disinfection of epidemic focus。


1.This product is for external use, do not take orally;

2.This product should be ready for use;

3.Remember to mix with other disinfectants at will to avoid affecting the bactericidal effect;

4.After opening the inner bag, it should not be exposed to the air for a long time to avoid the loss of active ingredients;

5.This product is corrosive to metal articles and has bleaching effect on fabrics, should be used with caution;

6.Wear masks and gloves when preparing;

7.This product should be stored in a closed indoor, cool and dry place。

Validity: The product is valid for 24 months under the original packaging。

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