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LAKELAND 309 Proximity heat shield
Author: YiJiajie Updated: 2022-09-15


  LAKELAND 309 Proximity Heat Shield:

  与带Air breathing apparatusThe top of the backpack is used with golden reflective surface;

  The product fabric is aluminized glass fiber。The reflection ability of thermal radiation reaches 95% or more;


  Can be exposed to radiation heat up to 2000F(1093C) 500g/m2 made of 100% glass fiber aluminized insulation material;

  Through the European standard EN11612:2008 flame retardant heat insulation protective work clothes and EN11611:2007 welding clothing performance requirements certification;

  Suitable for maintenance and other operations in low ambient heat and high radiant heat environment, widely used in power plants, cement plants, foundries, ceramics factories, glass factories, plastic manufacturing factories and chemical production and treatment sites;

  To provide effective protection for personnel working in a radiation heat environment for a long time。

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