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Cockroach killer
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Monitor sticky cockroach boards
Author: YiJiajie Updated time: 2016-02-29



The cockroach sticky board is a special device for "attracting" and "catching" cockroaches, which belongs to the physical killing of cockroaches, including the attractant and the sticky board for catching and killing cockroaches。 Cockroach sticky board has the dual function of killing cockroaches and monitoring cockroaches。

Product features:
Cockroach sticky board non-toxic, pollution-free, pollution-free, simple and easy to operate。Widely used, can be used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, food processing, ships, trains and other special industries and residents。
How to use:
1. First, remove the anti-stick paper on the sticky layer。Tear open the small plastic bag to remove the cockroach attractor packet and place it in the center of the sticky layer。
2. Place the cockroach sticky board in the place where cockroaches often haunt (kitchen, toilet, corner, desk chair, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, refrigerator bottom, dark place, etc.) to avoid direct sunlight。
3. Multiple cockroach sticky boards can be placed in different parts of the house at the same time to achieve the best results。
4, if the cockroach sticky board is still not caught after three or four days, it means that the location is not ideal, it can be moved to another place。
5, if the cockroach sticky board is covered with cockroaches, the new cockroach sticky board should be replaced as soon as possible。
Recommended placement:
Kitchen: 5-10 pieces/time, placed in the cabinet, under and behind the refrigerator, under the microwave oven, in the corner and other cockroach frequently active position, 2 to 4 weeks to replace the cockroach sticky board (based on hygiene considerations, the cockroach sticky board, after the number of cockroaches more than 10 to replace)
Dining room: 3-5 / time, placed in the cabinet and other locations where there is likely to be cockroach activity, 2 to 4 weeks to replace the cockroach room。
Other rooms:
If there are cockroaches found, refer to the kitchen method to place, if not found for the time being, you can place 2-3 cockroach sticky board monitoring, in order to know exactly whether there is cockroach activity。
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