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Cockroach killer
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6% cockroach killer
Author: YiJiajie Updated time: 2016-02-29



How to use:

1, close the doors and Windows before use, make the room as closed as possible, and cover the food。

2, open the outer cover of the smoke agent cylinder, put the chimney on the ground, if the wooden floor room in the chimney under a non-flammable mat, ignite the fuse (it is recommended to ignite with a cigarette butt, do not use an open flame such as a lighter, experience!!!!!), so that it produces smoke, smoke quickly spread into the space to kill pests;If there is an open flame, it should be blown out in time to make it smoke。After smoking, open the doors and Windows for air;It is recommended to smoke for 4-5 hours, so the effect is better。After the room is fully ventilated, then enter the indoor activities。

3, used to kill cockroaches, the effect is better at night

4, a smoke agent can be used for 45-50 cubic meters of room (no blocking things, a room can only use one, because the smoke is difficult to run to another room.), if used for larger rooms, the use should be increased accordingly。

When using smoke agent to kill cockroaches, it is better to use cockroach killing glue bait。


1, the location of the smoke must be away from flammable and explosive products, after the smoke, personnel should leave as soon as possible, air can enter the room;

2, when killing cockroaches, you can open the drawer and cabinet door to kill hidden pests, but you should cover food and other items;

3, the smoke agent should be properly stored, not mixed with food, and pay attention to fire, moisture, especially to prevent children from lighting up to play, so as to avoid accidents。

Special note:

1, when using insecticide insecticide, say hello to the property or neighbors (or paste a small note outside the door), so as not to think that when the property or neighbors see smoke from the room, they mistakenly think that there is a fire alarm。

2, in the use of cockroach insecticide, pay attention to safety, before lighting the fuse, please prepare a wet towel to prevent smoke choking after lighting the fuse。

3, after the occurrence of smoke insecticide, you can enter the room again after full ventilation。

4. Insecticide has a certain killing effect on fleas or other reptiles and insects。

Specifications: 25g/piece, 4 pieces/bag

Shelf life: 2 years

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