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Cockroach killer
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4.5% high efficiency cypermethrin water emulsion
Author: YiJiajie Updated time: 2016-02-29

Product performance: This product is a sanitary insecticide prepared with pure water as the base and high efficiency and low toxicity pyrethroids. It has long efficacy time, easy to use, low toxicity to humans and animals, environmental protection and safety。

Control objects: cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies。
Usage: Add the product into the sprayer according to dilution ratio and shake evenly。
          1, kill cockroaches by 1:30 times water dilution spray, the amount of 25mL/㎡ diluent (active ingredient content 40mg/㎡)    
          2, kill mosquitoes and flies 1:50-80 times water dilution spray dosage 50-80mL/㎡ diluent (effective component content 30mg/㎡)
Note: 1, this product can not be mixed with alkaline substances, so as not to disperse failure。It can not be used in fish ponds, mulberry gardens, rivers and beekeeping places to avoid pollution and poisoning。
          2, this product should pay attention to safety protection in use, storage to prevent children from ingestion。
Poisoning first aid measures: If accidentally ingested or poisoned, should be immediately sent to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, according to pyrethroids symptomatic treatment。
Storage method: No sun, rain, and keep well ventilated
Shelf life: 2 years
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