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Mosquito repellent
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5% high efficiency cypermethrin suspension
Author: Yijiajie Updated time: 2016-02-26


Product characteristics: This product is made of high efficiency and low toxicity pyrethroids as active ingredients and a variety of additives processing。The insecticidal effect is good, the retention time is long, the use is convenient, the environmental pollution is small, the safety of human and livestock is high。Applicable to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, families and other public places, to prevent flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other health pests have special effects。
Usage: Stir the product in the container according to the dilution ratio and add it to the sprayer。① Dilute with 50-100 times water and spray the room 1 away from the ground.5 meters above the wall, door, window, ceiling, the amount of about 50ml/㎡, can kill mosquitoes and flies。② Dilute with 30 times water, spray with indoor 1.5 meters below the wall, radiator and pest frequented gaps and other places, the amount of 50ml/㎡ (active ingredient content 83.3mg/㎡), can kill cockroaches and other pests, lasting 1-2 months。③ Diluted with 20 times water, painted on the screen after frequent cleaning, using the light habit of pests, can kill a variety of pests。④ Diluted with 50 times water, used with and soaked mosquito nets, also has an ideal anti-mosquito effect。
Note: The potion should be placed in a cool place, diluent should be used now, and pay attention to shake well when used。This product is low toxicity, should avoid spraying the liquid on food and tableware, if the liquid stuck on the skin should be washed immediately with soap。This product should be stored in a safe and reliable place to prevent children from ingestion, in case of poisoning must seek medical attention immediately, according to pyrethroid symptomatic treatment。
Shelf life: 2 years
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