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Mosquito repellent
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2.5% high efficiency cyhalothrin water dispersion granules
Author: Yijiajie Updated time: 2016-02-26


Product performance: 2.5 Water dispersible granules are pyrethroid new insecticides, which have stomach toxicity, contact and certain internal absorption effects, and have a good killing effect on the prevention and control of cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies, suitable for various indoor environments, and the effective period is 1-2 months after spraying。

How to use:
To kill cockroaches: Dilute 1 gram of medicine with 50-70 grams of water (50-70 times) and stir well。50mg active ingredient /㎡
Mosquito and fly control: Dilute 1 gram of medicine with 70-100 grams of water (70-100 times) and stir well。The diluted liquid can be sprayed on areas where pests are often active。
1, this product can not be mixed with alkaline substances, so as not to disperse failure。It can not be used in fish ponds, mulberry gardens, rivers and beekeeping places to avoid pollution and poisoning。
2, the use of this product should pay attention to safety protection, storage to prevent children from ingestion。
Poisoning first aid measures: If accidentally ingested or poisoned, should be immediately sent to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, according to pyrethroids symptomatic treatment。
Storage method: No sun, rain, and keep well ventilated
Shelf life: 2 years
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