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Mosquito-fly control
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Struggle na German BASF products to kill cockroaches, bedbugs, flies and mosquitoes
Author: YiJiajie Updated: 2015-06-15



  Product name: Struggle5%Wettable powder (World Health Organization (WHO))WHO) Recommended products)

  Active ingredient: cypermethrinAlpha-Cypermethrin


  Manufacturer: BASF GMBH

  Packing specification:100g/*100/

  Use: This product has killing effect on health pests, suitable for killing flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, ants and other flying insects and reptiles。

  How to use:

  1Mixing the wettable powder with water to make a retention spray on various surfaces,50ml/Square meter。

  2Generally, low doses can be used, if it is particularly necessary to extend its residence time, or when the pest density is too high, high doses are used。

  3struggle5%Wettable powder is suitable for knapsack sprayers and other common spray tools in dilution100-200Times, for most surfaces, the application amount is usually approximately press1Kg of diluted liquid spray on20Square meter surface is appropriate。For highly absorbent or overly dry surfaces, it is sometimes necessary to increase the amount of spray。


  The following methods can be used to control different pests:


  苍蝇① Fly rope (paper) : Soak the rope (paper) in 50 times diluent, take out and air dry。Hang the treated poison rope (paper) in front of the house or other ventilated place。② Homemade bait: Add 5 grams of sugar to the diluted liquid medicine, and then spray the liquid in the place where the flies often stay。③ Poisonous bait: Add the struggle na to animal viscera (such as fish, chicken, duck, goose) and other things that have the effect of attracting flies, and put it outdoors。


  蚊子① Soak mosquito net ② Spray indoor under the table, under the bed and other dark places, and spray outdoor weeds and dark places。


  Cockroaches and ants and other reptiles: Use a residual spray or brush to apply the diluted liquid to the place where the reptiles often pass through, which can effectively achieve the control effect。


  跳蚤: Spray on the floor and under the bed。And pay attention to pets, poultry, domestic animal health and rodent control。


  Safety measure


  ● It is low toxic to humans and animals, but has a certain irritating effect on the skin and eyes;


  ● Avoid inhaling like droplets;


  ● Avoid staining the skin and eyes with the liquid;


  Wash hands and clean exposed skin before eating, drinking and smoking;


  ● Avoid direct spraying to places where food is stored;


  ● Drugs should be stored out of reach of children;


  ● Drugs should be stored away from food, animals and feed;


  ● Pharmaceutical products cannot be stored in iron or aluminum containers;


  ● Used charge containers should be disposed of properly。


  First aid measures:


  ● If the agent comes into contact with skin or eyes, wash immediately with soap and plenty of water, and seek medical treatment immediately;


  ● If you accidentally swallow the liquid medicine, do not induce vomiting, and take this label to the hospital immediately。

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