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Mosquito-fly control
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10.5% chloroallethrin microemulsion
Author: YiJiajie Updated: 2015-06-15




  Pesticide temporary registration number: WL20080298

  Production Approval number: HNP11016-12569

  Product standard number: Q/CYLHX024-2007

  Active ingredient content: 10.5% permethrin 0.5ES- bioallethrin

  First, product performance: this product has a knock down speed, kill speed, good effect, no pollution to the environment, is a real environmental health medicine, it overcomes the aerosol solvents, emitters and other organic substances to the environment harm, and leave no trace after treatment。

  Second, use method: super bottom capacity spray and dilute 50 times with water, according to the mosquito density, generally spray 1-2 ml per cubic meter。Space spraying, ultra low volume spray kill mosquitoes in the evening is better。It is better to close doors and Windows for 1-2 hours after spraying。

  Third, precautions: silkworm, fish, shrimp, bees and other high toxicity, do not use close to the fish pond, bee factory, mulberry garden。Before spraying in the space, food and utensils should be covered to avoid contamination. After spraying indoors, do not enter within 1 hour。Wear protective clothing when spraying and clean it after operation。In case of poisoning should be timely medical treatment, according to pyrethroid symptomatic treatment, can not induce vomiting。

  4, storage: This product should be placed in a cool and dry place, to ensure that children can not reach。Do not mix with food。

  Shelf life: 2 years

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