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Foot protectors/shoe covers/boots
Lakeland AMN905NS
Author: YiJiajie Updated time: 2016-02-29


It is suitable for use in industrial protection of European standard 5 and 6;  

Due to the uniqueness of the fabric, it is the most perfect combination of protection, durability and comfort;
The material itself is protective, not through the coating, the protection of the coating product is easy to be destroyed due to scratching;
Low desquamation, anti-static;
Can protect harmful substances, protect workers;
And it can protect sensitive products and production processes from contamination from the human body;
Typically used for dust exposure protection (Class 5) and protection from water-based chemical aerosols (Class 6)。
Color: White
Typical applications:
Agricultural, food processing, medical applications for dust-free shoe covers, fiberglass processing, spray/finish processing, lead removal, asbestos removal, mold repair and other applications involving chemicals, dust and radioactive dust and aerosol hazards。
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