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Protective mask
3M 8210CN N95 protective mask
Author: YiJiajie Updated: 2022-09-15


  采用3mThe electrostatic cotton filter technology can reduce the respiratory resistance as far as possible under the premise of meeting the filtration efficiency performance.

  Adjustable nose clips and soft nose pads help different users achieve a good face fit and reduce the possibility of glasses fogging;

  High efficiency electrostatic filter cotton, in line with the United States N95 standard, the filtration efficiency of non-oily particles up to 95%;

  Comfortable version is made of non-rubber material headband, and can be freely adjusted, excellent material selection, light weight, soft texture, no irritation to the skin, more comfortable to wear;

  Valve style suitable for hot and humid environment or long-term wear protection;

  Used in construction, mining, casting, wood processing, electronics, pharmaceutical, material handling and grinding operations generated dust protection;

  The overall design of the mask enables it to be used in combination with a variety of eye and face protection and hearing protection products。

  Specification parameter

  Style cup type

  How to wear Headwear

  Filter grade N95

  The exhalation valve does not exist

  Color White

  Activated carbon No

  Implement standard NIOSH

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