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protective suit
Recalan B-class CT3S400
Author: YiJiajie Updated: 2022-09-15



Product features:

1.20mil thick large PVC surface screen, clear vision。
2.The rubber band closes at the wrist。
3.The back double zipper and protective flap are closed, and the top of the zipper is designed to prevent liquid injection。
4.Closed socks design, improve the overall protection performance。
5.The CT3S400 is designed with an intake channel in the waist, which can be used with electric air supply device and long pipe air supply system。
6.One-way exhaust valve design to prevent harmful gases from entering。
Main applications:
1.High hazard chemical protection
2.Chemical waste treatment
3.Industrial demolition operation
4.Petrochemical industry application
5.Chemical and biological weapons applications in the military
6.Anti-terrorism applications
7.Nuclear industry radioactive particles, dust protection
ChemMax ChemMax 3 is a lightweight and durable advanced protective suit with new technology. Chemmax ChemMAX 3 can effectively protect against a variety of harmful industrial chemicals, biochemical agents and other harmful pollutants。The special protective film and polypropylene cladding fabric made of multi-layer materials have high strength and durability。The protective film is softer than the protective film of other similar products on the market, so it is less noisy and more comfortable to wear。
By trusting ChemMax 3, you will be more confident in protecting your employees from potential work hazards。
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