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protective suit
Lakeland INT640W Chemical protective suit
Author: YiJiajie Updated: 2022-09-15


Lakeland INT640W Enhanced widescreen Class A airtight chemical protection suit

Model: INT640W


ICT640W Enhanced widescreen Class A airtight chemical protection suit

n Fully enclosed front entry Class A airtight chemical protection suit, respirator built-in design, all side seams with internal and external double-layer thermal adhesive tape weld structure

n The front flap adopts 48-inch long airtight zipper, with double magic buckle flap;A special process is used to coat the 40mil thick PVC soft surface screen with a 10mil thick Teflon anti-chemical coating

n Hand protection The hand protection system uses three layers of gloves: composite film anti-chemical gloves, butyl rubber anti-chemical gloves, and Kevlar anti-cutting gloves

n The feet are integrated anti-chemical socks and protective boots

n The garment is equipped with an additional belt inside for more ease of movement

n Portable self-contained storage bag included



Interceptor material physical performance test data



Test item

Test result

Unit weight

325 g/m2

Wear resistance

>2000转 Class 6

Bend and crack

>2500次 Class 2

Tearing strength

244/229 Newton Class 6

Puncture resistance

40.9 Newtons Class 2

Tensile strength

426/292 Class 4

Flame retardant property



Main application field

Optional accessories:

ONEGlove anti-chemical and anti-cutting protective gloves

The entire glove system provides a high level of chemical protection as well as anti-cutting protection。The inner layer of gloves provides chemical protection for fluorinated plastic protective gloves, and the inner surface of the outer anti-cutting gloves is the Nomex lining outer surface and the outer surface is Kevlar fiber。


Quick glove removal system

When the equipment is installed on the class A chemical protective suit, the chemical protective gloves can be easily disassembled and installed, while ensuring the airtight connection。

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