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protective suit
Dupont 1422A medical adhesive protective clothing for hospital disease control
Author: YiJiajie Updated: 2022-09-15


  Dupont suit with sealing tape。

  1. The use of DuPont proprietary fabric manufacturing in line with the national standard GB19082-2003 "Medical disposable protective clothing technical requirements";

  2. After sterilization and disinfection, aseptic packaging;

  3. Soft, light, good air permeability, moisture permeability of 7154 g/m2;

  4. The surface moisture resistance reaches level 4;

  5. With self-adhesive Tyvek® zipper front • Cuff, pant, waist tightness;

  6. Anti-static treatment, medical sterilization packaging;

  7. Main Use: Block blood, dust, droplets, droplets, reduce the spread of bacteria, virus to medical staff, tyvek®1422A medical model: external adhesive strip, suture elastic facial opening and respirator with self-adhesive chin flap

  Style: Tyvek®1422A(one-piece CHA5, white) adhesive terms

  External adhesive strip stitching

  Elastic facial opening

  Self-adhesive chin flap with respirator

  With self-adhesive Tyvek® zipper fly

  Cuff, pant, waist tightness

  Antistatic treatment

  Protection type: Class III, 4/5/6

  Specification: S-XXXL

  Packing: 1 piece/bag, 50 pieces/box, gross weight: 10.3 kg/box

  Fabric physical properties

  Performance test method Tyvek®1422A

  Wear resistance EN 530 (Method 2)100 times

  Breathability ISO 5366-520 seconds

  G weight ISO 53641 g/m 2

  Burst strength ISO 2960

  (50 cm 2)108 kpa

  Color - White *

  High temperature performance -135 °C suture cracking

  Low temperature performance - elastic down to -73 °C

  耐折曲性ISO 7854 (方法 B)>100 000 次

  Flame retardant EN 11461 class

  Desquamation tendency BS 6909 (Shirley Method 21) Pass grade: Top

  Puncture resistance EN 86310.8 牛顿

  Thermal stability ISO 5978 no caking

  Surface resistivity

  (at 25% humidity)EN 1149-14.8x109Ohm

  (inner surface)


  (outer surface)

  Thickness EN 20534130 microns

  Trapezoidal tear strength (MD/XD)ISO 9073-426.1/30.6 牛顿















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