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Safety shoes
DELTA Delta Tower 301501 MALIA S1 Classic series safety shoe 35
Author: YiJiajie Updated Time: 2015-06-09



  Indian buffalo leather upper, leather thickness greater than 2.0毫米;

  New high quality double density PU injection soles, SRC-class non-slip, light and comfortable;

  Toe protection, anti-static, wear resistance, oil resistance, heel energy absorption。

  Storage instructions: Store in original package in a dry place away from sunlight。


  Specification parameter

  Color Black

  Upper style low top

  Tongue closure

  Shoe buckle Type D-buckle

  Crust material Indian buffalo skin

  Sole material Double density PU injection molded sole


  Oil resistance

  Anti-static yes

  Protecting the toes is

  Baotou material metal

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