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Safety Helmet Hat
Honeywell H99 hardhat H99RA101S white with air vents
Author: Yijiajie Updated: 2015-06-02


  HoneywellH99RA101S WhiteSafety Helmet Hat With air vent:

  The H99S helmet adopts the patented ABS cap shell designed by Honeywell to provide all-round protection for the head;

  Two styles with and without ventilation holes are available;

  6 colors (white, yellow, orange, lake blue, blue, red);

  Compatible with Honeywell's various face screens and earmuffs;

  H99 safety helmet has been tested by GB2811-2007(Safety helmet standard), and has sufficient protective effect on the head caused by falling objects and other specific factors.

  And passed GB/T 2812-2006(Safety helmet test method) 4.8 Required lateral rigidity test;Suitable for industries where lateral extrusion is possible, including places where landslides and landslides are possible, and where there are predictable overturned objects and low velocity impact sites。


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