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Safety Helmet Hat
msa Mesian ABS Luxury Air Vent Light cyclone knit sweatband white
Author: Yijiajie Updated: 2015-06-02



  V-Gard 500 Luxury helmet is made of HDPE or ABS material;

  Classic V shape, with air holes on both sides;

  Roll-sided brim to drain rain and block bright light;

  White, yellow, orange, red, blue, lake blue six colors available;

  Knit sweatband, light cyclone or roll hat lining, type C or D chin band;

  There are slots on both sides, which can be used with protective mask, ear cover, welding mask and flashlight;

  The product conforms to the standard of GB-2811-2007, and the safety hat made of HDPE material conforms to ANSI Z89.1-2009标准

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