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  Shanxi Yijiajie Disinfectant Co., LTD is20067The company is located in the Golden Triangle of the Yellow River at the junction of Qin, Shanxi and Henan provinces with thousands of years of cultural accumulation——Linyi County Economic Development Zone, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province。

  The company through the Ministry of health issued health approval number, health license, is the productionYijiajieLicensed disinfectant professional company, approved by the Ministry of Health to produce one yuan chlorine dioxide disinfection tablet enterprises。At present, the company's products are: sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, calcium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide powder and tablet。Confirmed by the provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and experts of the Ministry of Health,YijiajieThe brand disinfectant series products have the characteristics of high efficiency, broad spectrum, safety, non-toxic, strong detergency, it can quickly kill hepatitis A, hepatitis B virus, intestinal pathogens, pathogenic yeast and so on。This product is widely used in the environment, the surface of general objects, the disinfection of epidemic areas, spittoons, toilets, dinner and tea sets, swimming pools, drinking water, aquaculture areas and other fields of disinfection, the quality indicators have reached the domestic leading standards of similar products。

  To expand the scale of the company,Adapt to market demand,The company's sales and production are carried out simultaneously,The main fields involved in the company's products are: health and epidemic prevention, animal epidemic prevention, personal protection, agricultural reclamation, machinery, environmental protection, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, railway epidemic prevention, forestry, aquaculture, hotels, restaurants, schools, etc。Business throughout the provinces, cities, autonomous regions, is the domestic industry in the larger scale, wide network, more competitive enterprises。

  The main products of the company are divided into: anti-epidemic protection products, disinfection drugs and equipment, quarantine equipment, cold chain equipment, laboratory equipment, livestock and poultry harmless treatment equipment and laboratory consumables, office equipment。We will rely on high-quality products and high-quality service to explore the road of enterprise survival and development, and strive to develop into the industry's leading professional manufacturers and suppliers, to achieve sustainable development。

  Yijiajie company to integrity-based, business ethics, pioneering and innovative, the pursuit of perfection of the purpose of dedicated customer service。

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